Yamaha NAVI
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NAVISERIES is more than just a new spin on mobility technology. It’s an empowering new way of exploring and experiencing your world on your terms.

NAVIONE is Yamaha’s innovative and intuitive power assist system that can enable manual wheelchair users to expand the range of their day-to-day lives.

Employing Yamaha’s legendary electric power assist technology, NAVIONE provides additional power, helping to potentially reduce rider fatigue and pain.

NAVIONE’s versatile and adaptable system can integrate with most modern manual wheelchairs. And the sleek, efficient design retains the manual wheelchair look, for an entirely new level of confidence, reassurance and independence.


There are lots of reasons to look into NAVIONE. Here are just a couple:It can reduce average heart rate and oxygen consumption while providing the independence users want to explore more of the world around them.  Additionally, NAVIONE can help to reduce the added shoulder pain caused by manual operation, yet still allows for upper extremity exercise (even while using power assist).

Yamaha and Power Assist

With the overwhelming success of Yamaha's patented Power Assist System (PAS) technology for bicycle, over thirty years ago, Yamaha began pursuits of additional personal mobility applications. Yamaha engineers developed a unique electric power system for manual wheelchair users.

History of Yamaha

Dating back to 1955, when Yamaha Motor produced their first motorcycle—the legendary 125cc YA-1—Yamaha Motor has followed a journey of unprecedented innovation in the world of mobility. From motorcycles, commuter vehicles and automobiles, to marine propulsion, watercraft, snowmobiles, electric power assist bicycles, golf carts and more, creating a lifetime of memorable experiences through personal mobility technology has been a cornerstone of the Yamaha Motor vision.

Yamaha NaviONE

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