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Frequently Asked Questions
Client Type / Customization
How does the NAVIONE work for clients who have uneven arm strength?
Excellent! The "Smart Control System" receives input on each handrim from the rider with each push. Then NAVIONE applies a proportional amount of force to each wheel independently to make the wheelchair drive straighter and more efficiently.
What are some common diagnosis that could potentially benefit from the NAVIONE?
Spinal Cord Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, CVA, Paraplegia, Quadriplegia, Mitochondrial Disorder Disease, Myotonic Dystrophy, Spina Biffada, Hemiplegia, and Amputations.
Can the driving style setup be adjusted?
Yes. Trained professional can use the Smart Tune software program to adjust performance parameters, take diagnostic readings and perform service activities.
Are airless inserts available with the NAVIONE?
This is currently under investigation and not available at this time.
Which wheelchairs does NAVIONE fit on?
Due to the common design of the mounting bracket adapter, there is strong likelihood that NAVIONE will fit on most major manufacturers’ wheelchair frames. Please consult your authorized Yamaha dealer for specific mounting considerations.
Warranty / Maintenance
What is the warranty on NAVIONE?
2 years on the drive unit, 1 year on the battery.(Note – the chemical cells inside the battery do not offer any warranty coverage).
What is inside the battery?
The battery is a "smart" battery that includes a "Battery Management Controller" that improves performance and extends battery life.
What is the cord between the two wheels for?
The cord is part of the "Smart Control System" which allows for wheel-to-wheel communication. This is a vital competitive advantage that allows the NAVIONE to drive straighter, accelerate smoother and conquer uneven terrain better.
Are there control safety features built into the software?
The NAVIONE contains many control features built into the software program such as downhill speed control, anti-roll back prevention, uphill ascent, and side slope stability assist.
What is the range of the NAVIONE?
Approximately 12 ½ Miles for Nickel battery and 22 ½ miles for Lithium battery.
Is the NAVIONE waterproof?
The NAVIONE contains an inner sealed hub to protect key components. However as with any electrical products, heavy exposure to moisture should be avoided. If your NAVIONE becomes damp or wet, please take all precautions to dry and clean as best as possible.
How much weight does it add to the wheelchair?
The NAVIONE adds 36 lbs to the weight of the wheelchair.
Is NAVIONE covered by insurance?
NAVIONE Power Assist Wheelchair System from Yamaha has been HCPCS code verified as: E0986 – Manual Wheelchair Accessory – Push rim Activated Power Assist Wheels (PAPAW).

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